My job as Attorney General is to protect you from the government


I am 100% committed to stopping the Biden/Harris administration from inflicting their Big Government power grab on the citizens of Arizona. No more shutdowns, no more mandates, no more government orders that kill jobs and destroy our businesses. The Constitution clearly defines the sovereignty of the states and I intend to forcefully defend our sovereignty from the attacks of Biden/Harris bureaucrats. My job as Attorney General is to protect you from the government.


The Attorney General is responsible for protecting Arizona and the rule of law. That means enforcing Arizona’s laws and fighting back when the federal government ignores the needs of hardworking Arizonans and our families. By unraveling the progress made by President Trump, the Biden/Harris administration has launched Arizona into an illegal immigration crisis. The progress made under President Trump has been unwound by failed liberal policies, placing Arizona’s citizens at risk.

 It is time to fight back by enforcing the laws Arizona has on the books and standing with our law enforcement and border agents to fight back against the coyotes and the cartels. The Attorney General is the first line of defense for Arizona taxpayers when it comes to enforcing the laws of our state and fighting illegal immigration from the inside out. Our police officers and border patrol agents work tirelessly to keep our communities safe by putting their lives on the line for our families. As Arizona Attorney General I will stand tall and fight for their protection.


It is the job of the Arizona Attorney General to investigate and prosecute election fraud. That’s why, beginning in 2019, the Arizona State legislature began appropriating funds to the Attorney General’s office to create and operate the Elections Integrity Unit. As Attorney General I will fight for fair and transparent elections, ensuring that all ballots are cast by legal voters with the proper forms of identification, and that all legally cast ballots will be counted.


In San Francisco, Walgreens closed several stores because of brazen shoplifting. Stores in downtown Portland have been closed for more than a year. And homicides and aggravated assaults were each up 25% in Phoenix in 2020. Certainly, COVID-19 forced local police departments to disengage from community policing efforts but the past year has also seen the police characterized as the “enemy.” That characterization must stop. Now the Biden/Harris Administration’s Department of Justice has opened a pattern-or-practice investigation into the Phoenix Police Department in an effort to further their agenda of defunding the police and dividing our communities. Our police departments are under-staffed, under-resourced, and now the federal government is pouring cold water on an already untenable situation. Arizona deserves an Attorney General who is ready to fight for our men and women in blue. As Attorney General, I will work with local law enforcement across the state, in every community, to ensure that we maintain and attract the best talent and provide the proper resources to keep our streets, schools, and neighborhoods safe.


It is often said that the Second Amendment to the US Constitution is there to protect the rest of our rights. As the Biden/Harris administration continues to threaten this Constitutionally given right, I won’t back down. As Arizona Attorney General I will ensure that all of your rights, especially your right to keep and bear arms, are protected.


Under the Biden/Harris administration we have seen a staggering increase in human trafficking across our border. Our federal government is choosing to fail at the expense of the victims, putting politics before people. Having served as an Air Force JAG Reservist, protecting the victims of sexual assault and harassment, I know firsthand the tragic impact that sexual assault and human trafficking has on victims, their families, and the community. As Arizona’s Attorney General, I will work collaboratively with victim’s rights advocates, local law enforcement, and families to leverage the data collected from human trafficking operations to pursue criminal networks and their leadership. I will harness my experience in the United States Air Force to implement best practices regarding victim advocacy, support services, and prosecution to the Arizona Attorney General’s office and ensure that we are working locally, with communities of all sizes, to ensure that victims are receiving the care and advocacy they so richly deserve as our local prosecutors pursue those who are engaging in these horrendous crimes.


Arizonans deserve their tax dollars to be spent wisely and conservatively by local governments and school districts. Having worked in small business, served as a public administrator, managed employees, and led large organizations, I know firsthand the importance of rooting out waste, fraud, and abuse when it comes to our scarce resources. As Arizona Attorney General I will work to ensure that procurement processes are transparent and accountable, that tax dollars are stretched to receive the maximum return on investment, and that processes are fair and legal.