My job as Attorney General is to protect you from the Government

Fighting for Arizona

I am 100% committed to stopping the Biden/Harris administration from inflicting their Big Government power grab on the citizens of Arizona. No more shutdowns, no more mandates, no more government orders that kill jobs and destroy our businesses. My job as Attorney General is to protect you from the government.

Securing Our Border

The progress made under President Trump has been unwound by Biden’s failed liberal policies, placing Arizona’s citizens at risk. It is time to fight back by enforcing the laws Arizona has on the books.

Protecting Our Police

Our police departments are under-staffed, under-resourced, and now the Biden Department of Justice has set their sights on re-educating and reprioritizing Arizona’s police. Arizona deserves an Attorney General who is ready to fight for our men and women in blue.

Prosecuting Election Fraud

As Attorney General I will fight for fair and transparent elections, ensuring that all ballots are cast by legal voters with the proper forms of identification, and that all legally cast ballots will be counted. If you cheat or commit fraud, you will be prosecuted.

My Mission

As Attorney General, I will utilize my background as an Air Force prosecutor, business attorney, and public administrator to protect Arizona when the Biden/Harris administration comes for our liberties. Every time the Biden/Harris administration comes for our freedoms, for our livelihood, for our privacy, I will be there standing squarely in their way.

Having served as a military JAG attorney in the United States Air Force Reserve for more than a decade, I have sought justice for service members who were victims of sexual assault and harassment, prosecuted complex financial cases, fought against illegal drug-use, and helped provide legal resources for service members and their families. Serving our country has given me the skills and experience to bring the fight to the Washington elites and protect our Arizonan way of life.

Like many Arizonans, I am outraged by the Biden/Harris administration’s repeated failures. They have failed at the border, they have failed our economy, they have failed the people of Afghanistan, but most of all, they have failed our constitution.

As the former Attorney General of California, Kamala Harris is the legal architect of this administration. The Biden/Harris administration cannot have their radical liberal policies go unchecked. As Attorney General, I will work tirelessly to protect you from the government.

Endorsed by Police & Fire Fighters

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